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Top 10 Colleges for BSc Statistics in Kolkata

BSc Statistics is an undergraduate bachelors' course that deals with the detailed study of Mathematics, Statistics, Probability and logic and proofs. It is a 3-4-year course and introduces highly advanced concepts and theories, mathematical proofs, data analysis and modelling, regression, etc. Statistical software, programming languages, and research projects are also an essential part of the course structure of many universities worldwide.

Top 10 Colleges where one can study BSc Statistics
Top Colleges for BSc Statistics

A student must appear in a few examinations to get into an Indian institute such as GSAT, BHU UET, DSAT, SUAT, etc. Similarly, for getting admitted to foreign universities, a student must give SAT, ACT+IELTS/TOEFL, etc. The knowledge provided at this level is also excellent as it builds a strong foundation for advanced courses like MSc Statistics. Students who graduate from BSc Statistics expect job opportunities in financial institutes and the banking sector.

Why to study Bsc Statistics, top 3 reasons
Why Study BSc Statistics?

A student pursuing BSc Statistics can expect job positions like Statistician, Risk Analysis, Actuary Manager, etc., from companies like Cognizant, IBM, Infosys, etc. The average salary ranges from INR 450000 – 800000 per annum and increases with time and experience. Unlike abroad universities, the admission process in India is relatively short and straightforward. While applying for BSc Statistics, one must keep in mind that it is only meant for students who studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology in 12th. Following are the admission criteria for BSc Statistics in India:

  • Students must have cleared class 12th from a recognized board and average passing marks.

  • Students must have a 50 percent or above in subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

  • For some institutes, students must clear the college entrance test and appear for the counselling round.

Comparison between Bsc statictics and Bsc Statistics Honours in respect of salary
Bar Graph showing comparison between BSc Statistics and BSc Statistics Honours

A Bachelor of Science in statistics with honours is known as a B.Sc. in statistics (hons). A research component may be included in this kind of degree programme, which normally concentrates on the theoretical and mathematical parts of statistics. Conversely, a Bachelor of Statistics degree is a B.Stat. Along with covering the theoretical and mathematical components of statistics, this kind of degree programme may also emphasize data analysis and modelling more than others and contain more practical,

hands-on coursework. While a B.Stat programme may be more focused on acquiring the practical skills required for a career in statistics or data analysis, a B.Sc. in statistics (hons) programme may generally be more focused on the theoretical foundations of statistics.

Major subjects that comes under BSc Statistics
Major BSc Statistics Subjects

Best Colleges for Statistics in Kolkata

Indian Statistical Institute is a government institute that trains students in statistics and related sciences. You can do B Stat from this Institute and have a great career ahead. One can become the Indian Statistical Officer by doing bachelors in Statistics.

Future of Statistics Honors

Here are the top 10 Colleges in Kolkata

  • Presidency University, Kolkata

  • Adamas University

  • Sister Nivedita University

  • Amity University, Kolkata

  • Asutosh College

  • Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology [MAKAUT]

  • Bethune College

  • Lady Brabourne College

  • Maulana Azad College

  • Scottish Church College

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