The Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) is an esteemed, world-renowned, educational institute, funded by the Indian Government. It is solely dedicated to advanced research in Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, Computer Science, and Library Science. It was founded by Dr. Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis, who is known as the Father of Indian Statistics, in 1931 and has continually been at the pinnacle of academic research. It is also responsible for conducting the Regional Mathematical Olympiad (RMO) and has coordinated the Indian National Olympiad (InMO) from the eastern region. 

Entry into this prestigious institution is regulated by a challenging entrance test. The ISI entrance exams are designed to test a candidate's aptitude for the subject and are heavily depended on the theoretical and quantitative understanding of the subject as a whole.


The Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) has a world class course for Masters in Statistics: the M.Stat. course. Besides the enormous amount of pride and confidence that comes on getting selected for any of the courses, a candidate goes through rigorous grooming and training, and at the end of the three-year long course,  becomes a cut above the rest. Not only does the candidate get to work with stalwarts in the field of Mathematics and Statistics, but the student also gets the orientation and mentoring from the best, in order to be the best on a worldwide level. It is a well-known fact that many Fields Medallists visit the campus and conduct seminars, which the students of the Institute are encouraged to attend and interact.


Besides the academic prospects, a student may also get to apply for jobs with high remuneration from multinational companies as a mathematician or statistician. 




The entry into the M.Stat. the course is governed by a tough entrance examination consisting of a THREE Round Exam.


Round 1: Objective


  • There will be 30 questions of 4 marks each. 

  • An unattempted question fetches 1 mark

  • A wrong answer fetches 0 marks.

  • Time allotted: 2 Hrs


There are no provisions for negative marks.



Round 2: Subjective

  • There will be 8/9 questions

  •   Attempt as many as possible

  • Marking scheme to be decided by the Institute

  • Partial marks will be awarded for partial answers. 

  • Usually, even if the student is unable to arrive at the answer but the approach is correct, then partial marks are awarded.





Round 3: Interview

Conceptual Questions will be asked pertaining to the syllabus.






The syllabus for the M.Stat. is deceptively short and nondescript consisting topics from both  Mathematics and Statistics. The level of sums that are asked are intuitive and here at Sourav Sir's Classes, we teach students to adapt to this pattern change.


The student has to have a firm base in both Mathematics as well as Statistics as equal importance is given to both the subjects in the examinations and in our M.Stat. tuitions, we teach students just that, with the perfect balance of rigor and intuition.

The full syllabus for the ISI M.Stat examination may be downloaded from the link below!  






Simply put, the ISI entrance exam is a tough exam to crack and with our rigorous training and grooming, it becomes less so. Here at Sourav Sir's Classes, we fuel the passion of those who dare dream. With our well-documented lecture notes as well as our study material, ISI entrances, become less formidable, and we have an entire nation of students who can vouch for that! 


Our tuitions for the ISI Entrance Exams ensures, under the guidance of our prestigious and able faculty, ensures that the aspirant develops necessary practices and habits for cracking the entrance exams. We believe that studying here, under the guidance of our faculty, is not just an educational journey that we undertake every year, but we strive to make it an experience for the student as well.

Come taste success with the best mathematics and statistics tuitions of the nation! 


We have a flexible class structure as per the student's convenience. This includes:



  • Regular live classes are conducted by our prestigious faculty over Skype as they go over numerous concepts and problem-solving tricks 

  • Special doubt-clearing classes are conducted regularly as the student progresses through the course

  • Mock tests are conducted on a weekly basis to track the progress of the student

  • A thorough analysis of the tests are conducted so that the student gets to work on weak points 



  • Pre recorded video lectures by our esteemed faculty are available for those who cannot attend regular classes

  • Lectures are custom tailored according to the course requirement, adhering strictly to the latest syllabus

  • Special doubt clearing classes are conducted regularly as the student progresses through the course

  • Mock tests are conducted on a weekly basis to track progress of the student 

  • A thorough analysis of the tests are conducted so that the student gets to work on weak points 

  • Offline live classes are held every day at our prestigious study centers, conducted by our esteemed faculty. 

  • Regular doubt clearing sessions are conducted

  • Video backups are provided for students who have missed the classes

  • Weekly mock tests are conducted to track progress of the students

  • A complete analysis of the tests are conducted so that the student gets to work on the weak points


STUDY MATERIALS ARE PROVIDED free of cost to students who have enrolled in our programs.

Our faculty of highly qualified teachers and researchers have combed through several books and journals, having collected and processed all the information so that it becomes easily accessible to the student. The study material is prepared in a time tested fashion with the student kept in mind in such a fashion that the student can catch up on the various topics in the event of missed lectures. Besides the theory being extensively discussed, an enormous collection of problems has been added so that the student can learn to apply the concepts over a diverse spectrum of difficulty. All the problems have been worked out thoroughly so that in case the student gets stuck, we've got you covered !