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Rohan Agarwal ,IES batch 2014
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I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to couple of individuals who have guided me through this journey of CMI UG classes taken by Sourav Sir were immensely helpful. I always made it a point to attend his lectures on sentence correction. Apart from him, guidance of other teachers helped me lot as well. I would say, it is the guidance of these individuals that shaped my journey to a great extent. I would safely suggest any CMI UG aspirant to get in touch with these individuals.

                                                                                             Aparna Laha

                                                                                              CMI UG, 2019

I used to watch Sourav sir's classes online lecture video. They are very much helpful to crack my exam and I cleared all the basic concept of my subject. The best mock test analysis I have ever got. Sourav sir's classes has not only been an amazing coach but also a caring mentor, and the strategies and lessons they have provided that inspired and motivational. The materials are very good. The analysis provided by Sourav sir's classes are also very good and rectify my weakness very well.  

                        Siladityo Roy

                        WBCS, 2019

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Sourav Sir's Classes provides innovative teaching methods where each student's way of thinking is taught. When I join here,that time I was in a very confused situation,don't know even which path I need to choose. Sir not only help me to prepare for the exams also he showed me the way in which I can excel. The centre focuses on academic excellence and technological innovation along with deep-rooted domain expertise built over the years. They also provides personalized guidance and e-support for doubt clearing. The consice material also help me a lot. They also gives regularly updated study material, which consistently reflects any change in the exam pattern. Now after cracking the exam and walk further in our life we still remember sir when we ar e in any conundrum or need to celebrate something.