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A professional who takes pride in his ability to successfully deliver and plan classroom lessons. 
Sourav Sir's Classes is known for preparing students for different competitive examinations
and degree-based courses. Sourav Sir has 7 years of teaching experience. Sourav sir is now
looking for spreading his knowledge and get unified with other organizations
& potential further

I am a student of Sourav Sir's Classes.  I found the classes very interesting.These classes helped me build my concept and clear my doughts.


I am extremely grateful to the entire team of Sourav Sir's Classes. My reason for joining is I got very experienced and dedicated teacher and they helped me a lot. After joining my approach towards chemistry has totally changed.I develop an interest which I earlier used to avoid. The experience of Sourav Sir's Classes is amazing.

Sourav Sir's Classes

Why We're Great >

I used to watch Sourav Sir's Classes online lecture video.

they are very much helpful to crack my exam and I cleared all the basic concept of my subject.


The best mock test analysis I have ever got.Sourav Sir's Classes has not only been an amazing coach but also a caring mentor, and the strategies and lessons they have provided that inspired and motivational.

Sourav Sir's Classes

Why We're Great >

Sir your teaching style is amazing for NIFT. Thank you bring a product like an online recorded lecture for students like me who can not come to classroom sessions. You actual made me believe actuarial studies is not difficult if we have your guidance .Great learning experience. The best part is that doubts are well understood and cleared until the very end and provision of video backup classes makes it easier to catch up with the class in case we miss a few classes.

Thank you, sir, for helping me to fulfil my dream.

Sourav Sir's Classes

Why We're Great >


Here, at Sourav Sir's Classes, we strive, so that you succeed. Our team of experienced faculty is dedicated to ensuring that you stay light years ahead of the competition. Our classes employ a tried and tested procedure, and, we have a legacy of producing students who not only crack the exam but excel at all of them. Our goal is to nurture the brightest minds of the present and future generations, and we are absolutely delighted to have you on board!

At Sourav Sir's Classes, we believe that a healthy environment and the right amount of work helps a student achieve peak performance levels. So we have tried to invoke that spirit through the various facilities available at our tuition study centres for all our programs. These facilities include, but are not limited to, the following:




  • Regular live classes 


             are conducted by our prestigious  faculty over Skype as they go over numerous concepts and problem-  solving tricks 



  • Special doubt-clearing 


                classes are conducted student progresses through course.regularly as the course.


  • Mock tests 


                are conducted on weekly basis student to track the progress os the student.


  • A thorough analysis 


            of the tests are conducted so that the student gets to work on weak points




  • Pre-recorded video lectures


 by our esteemed faculty are              available for those who cannot               attend regular classes



  • Lectures are custom tailored 


        according to the course              requirement, adhering strictly to the                   latest syllabus



  • Special doubt clearing classes 


         are conducted regularly as the      student progresses through the course


  • Mock tests 


       are conducted on a weekly basis       to track the progress of the                      student 


  • A thorough analysis 


        of the tests are conducted so that          the student gets to work on weak          .points


  • Offline live classes


        are held every day at our prestigious study centres, conducted by our esteemed faculty.



  • Regular doubt clearing sessions 



          are conducted



  • Video backups 


are provided for students who have missed the classes




  • Weekly mock tests


      are conducted to track the progress of the students




  • A complete analysis


 of the tests are conducted so that the student gets to work on the weak points


National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) conducts NIFT entrance exam in order to shortlist aspirants for admission in design programmes offered by it. Considered to be a pioneer in fashion education, NIFT has its headquarters in New Delhi. Apart from this city, NIFT has domestic centres at Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Gandhinagar, Hyderabad, Jodhpur, Kangra, Kannur, Patna, Shillong and Raebareli.



The test will be conducted online. Candidates will be required to answer the questions by using a computer system.





Language                        English                     Test duration                 3 hours



  • Quantitative ability

  • Communication ability and English comprehension

  • Analytical and Logical Ability

  • General Knowledge and Current Affairs

  • Case study


Our faculty of highly qualified teachers and researchers have combed through several books and journals, having collected and processed all the information so that it becomes easily accessible to the student. The study material is prepared in a time tested fashion with the student kept in mind in such a fashion that the student can catch up on the various topics in the event of missed lectures. Besides the theory being extensively discussed, an enormous collection of problems has been added so that the student can learn to apply the concepts over a diverse spectrum of difficulty. All the problems have been worked out thoroughly so that in case the student gets stuck, we've got you covered !