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Indian Economic Services (IES) Exam Mastery Program

Course Content:


  • Welcome message and course overview

  • Introduction to the Indian Economic Services (IES) exam and its significance

  • Discussion on the career opportunities and benefits of cracking the IES exam

Week 1: Introduction to Indian Economy and Current Affairs

  • Overview of the Indian economy and its key sectors

  • Understanding the economic policies and reforms in India

  • Analysis of current economic trends and issues

  • Study materials and resources for Indian economy and current affairs

Week 2: Microeconomics

  • Introduction to microeconomics and its fundamental concepts

  • Analysis of consumer behavior, demand, and supply

  • Market structures and their implications on the economy

  • Case studies and practice exercises for microeconomics

Week 3: Macroeconomics

  • Overview of macroeconomics and its key principles

  • Study of national income, inflation, and employment

  • Monetary and fiscal policies and their impact on the economy

  • Practice exercises and quizzes for macroeconomics

Week 4: Economic Development and Planning

  • Understanding the concepts of economic development and planning

  • Analysis of economic indicators and measures of development

  • Examination of various Five-Year Plans in India

  • Case studies and practice exercises for economic development and planning

Week 5: International Economics

  • Overview of international trade and its significance for the Indian economy

  • Analysis of trade policies and barriers

  • Understanding foreign exchange markets and exchange rate systems

  • Practice exercises and quizzes for international economics

Week 6: Public Finance and Fiscal Policy

  • Study of public finance and government budgeting

  • Analysis of taxation systems and policies

  • Understanding fiscal policy and its role in economic stability

  • Case studies and practice exercises for public finance and fiscal policy

Week 7: Indian Financial System

  • Introduction to the Indian financial system

  • Study of banking, insurance, and capital markets in India

  • Analysis of regulatory frameworks and financial institutions

  • Practice exercises and quizzes for the Indian financial system

Week 8: Mock Tests and Time Management

  • Importance of mock tests in IES exam preparation

  • Strategies for effective time management during the exam

  • Analysis of mock test results and identification of strengths and weaknesses

  • Strategies for improving performance based on mock test feedback

Week 9: Economic Survey and Budget Analysis

  • Study of the Economic Survey of India

  • Analysis of the Union Budget and its implications on the economy

  • Understanding budgetary allocations and economic policies

  • Practice exercises and quizzes for economic survey and budget analysis

Week 10: Revision and Doubt Clearing

  • Comprehensive revision of all IES exam topics

  • Addressing doubts and clarifying concepts from previous weeks

  • Last-minute tips and strategies for the exam day

  • Final mock tests and practice sessions for thorough preparation


At Sourav Sir’s Classes, one will get a vivid description about various career options, analytical skills, tricks and ways to solve highly competitive examinations easily by SOURAV SIR’S study materials and tuitions both online and offline giving the student an exceptional advantage over other students.

IES is the administrative inter-ministerial civil service under Group A of the Central Civil Services of the executive branch of the Government of India.


At Sourav Sir's Classes, we believe that a healthy environment and the right amount of work helps a student achieve peak performance levels. So we have tried to invoke that spirit through the various facilities available at our tuition study centres for all our programs. These facilities include, but are not limited to, the following:


1. Complete Mock Tests 

2. You can give the exams from your home using a phone or laptop or pc or a tablet.

3. After every exam complete solutions with marks will be provided to you.

4. Any doubts with any part you are free to ask us via what's app/email/call.

5. All the Mock Tests are Exam oriented.

The Indian Economic Service (abbreviated as IES) is an organized Group-A Central Civil Services of the executive branch of the Government of India.

The Indian Economic Service along with Indian Statistical Service (ISS) was constituted as a Group-A Central Service on 1 November 1961 by a Gazette notification. All statistical posts of different ministries and departments were pooled together in the initial constitution of service


A candidate for the Indian Economic Service must have obtained a Post-Graduate Degree in Economics/Applied Economics/Business Economics/Econometrics from a University incorporated by an Act of the Central or State Legislature in India or other Educational Institutes


Established by an Act of Parliament or declared to be deemed as University u/s 3 of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956 or a Foreign University approved by the Central Govt. from time to time.

Our faculty of highly qualified teachers and researchers have combed through several books and journals, having collected and processed all the information so that it becomes easily accessible to the student. The study material is prepared in a time tested fashion with the student kept in mind in such a fashion that the student can catch up on the various topics in the event of missed lectures. Besides the theory being extensively discussed, an enormous collection of problems has been added so that the student can learn to apply the concepts over a diverse spectrum of difficulty. All the problems have been worked out thoroughly so that in case the student gets stuck, we've got you covered!
STUDY MATERIALS ARE PROVIDED free of cost to students who have enrolled in our programs
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IES Exam pattern, information, How to crack The Indian Economic Service exam, Scope, Eligibility Criteria, Selection Procedure, Number of Seats, Short Cut Tricks

By Sourav Sir's Classes

Complete Information of IES Indian Economic Service exam, Scope, Preparation tips & tricks  Selection Procedure, Complete answer analysis and solutions at Sourav Sir's Classes.  

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Complete Information of IES Indian Economic Service exam, General paper with a utility function, short and simple techniques with complete analysis along with a new method

IES past year solved question paper, of General Economics & Marginal damage of IES Indian Economic Service exam with Simple Analysis & Solutions at Sourav Sir's Classes. 

IES, General economics with paper one, Complete answer analysis and inverse demand function, calculation and solutions with best tricks at Sourav Sir's Classes. 

IES, Indian Economic Service Exam.

Tropic: Out Per Capita

Full Explanation in Hindi.

IES Previous year question papers solved solution video and tips and tricks 

IES, Indian Economic Service Exam.

Tropic: Property of Solow growth model 1.

Explain Features of the Solow Growth Model

IES, Indian Economic Service Exam.

Tropic: Proves & Property of Solow Growth model 2.

Unique Features of Slow Growth Model.

IES Previous year question papers solved solution video and tips and tricks.

IES, Indian Economic Service Exam.

Tropic: Contemporary Develop-ment Economics.

Under the Environment of Development

Discussion the Problem of Tragedy of Common.


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