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🌟 Welcome to Sourav Sir's Classes, where the world of endless possibilities 🌈 awaits you! ✨ Discover an exciting realm of career options, boost your analytical skills, and unravel the secrets behind effortlessly conquering fiercely competitive examinations. With Sourav Sir's incredible study materials and both online and offline tuitions, you'll gain an extraordinary edge over your peers! 🚀

📚 Immerse yourself in a vivid journey of knowledge, as Sourav Sir's Classes provide you with captivating descriptions of diverse career paths. 🌟 Unleash your potential and explore a multitude of exciting opportunities that lie ahead! 💪

🔍 Gain mastery over analytical skills with Sourav Sir's exclusive teachings. Unlock the secrets to decipher complex problems and unveil innovative solutions that will set you apart from the crowd. 🧠✨


At Sourav Sir's Classes, we believe that a healthy environment and the right amount of work helps a student achieve peak performance levels. So we have tried to invoke that spirit through the various facilities available at our tuition study centers for all our programs. These facilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

🎯 Get ready for an exhilarating journey with our complete mock test series! 📝 Put your skills to the test and experience the thrill of tackling real exam-like scenarios. 🏆

🔎 Worried about those tricky past entrance questions? 😓 Fear not, as we'll decode them for you with our comprehensive solutions! 🧩✅ Unleash your potential and conquer any challenging question that comes your way. 💪

📊 Dive into the realm of topic-wise analysis! 📚🔍 Uncover the secrets behind each subject, dissecting it with precision to gain a deep understanding of every concept. 🕵️‍♀️💡

📚 Arm yourself with our complete study materials, carefully crafted to fuel your learning journey! 🚀📖 Unlock the treasure trove of knowledge and equip yourself with the tools necessary to excel in your exams. 💼✨

❓ Stuck on a concept or question? 😕 Don't worry! Our special doubt-clearing sessions are here to rescue you! 🆘🔍 Get personalized guidance and clarity on any doubts that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential. 💡💪

🎥 Can't make it to a live class? No problem! 🙌📹 We've got you covered with recorded sessions. 📺🎥 Catch up on any missed classes and never miss out on valuable content. 📚✨


📆 Specially designed for the 2020 exam:

  • Get the advantage of a curriculum tailored specifically for the 2020 exam to ensure you're fully prepared for success.

💻 Special crash course portal:

  • Access a dedicated crash course portal with pre-recorded lectures and regular live sessions on Skype to enhance your learning experience.

📝 Short PDF notes and trick-based videos:

  • Simplify your revision with concise PDF notes and engaging videos that highlight tricks and strategies for better understanding.

🚀 Shortcut special sessions:

  • Join our shortcut special sessions where topics are summarized in an exam-friendly manner, allowing you to grasp key concepts quickly and efficiently.

📝 Highly frequent mock tests

🔍 Extra doubt clearing sessions

  1. Comprehensive Mock Tests for Exam Preparation: Boost your readiness with our comprehensive mock tests.

  2. Convenient Exam Taking: Take exams from the comfort of your home using your phone, laptop, PC, or tablet.

  3. Detailed Solutions and Marks: Receive complete solutions and marks for each exam, ensuring comprehensive feedback and assessment.

  4. Easy Doubt Resolution: Have any doubts? Reach out to us via WhatsApp, email, or call for prompt assistance and clarification.

  5. Exam-Oriented Mock Tests: Our mock tests are specifically designed to align with exam requirements and help you excel.


🎓 Join our exciting two-year programme in Quality Management and its applications, with a special emphasis on Quantitative Methods! 📊✨ This comprehensive curriculum includes a Dissertation in the third semester and a thrilling live Project work in the fourth semester, all under the direct guidance of our expert faculty. 📚🔬

💪 Immerse yourself in a flexible learning format that caters to your specific educational and career objectives. 🌟 Gain contemporary knowledge and perspectives essential for becoming a successful Quality Analyst, Quality Manager, data scientist, analyst, or anyone responsible for enhancing quality in various domains. 📈🔍

🌇 Embark on your educational journey in the vibrant city of Bengaluru for the first two semesters, soaking in its dynamic atmosphere. 🏙️✨ Then, experience the thrill of the third semester in the lively city of Hyderabad. 🌆🎓 Finally, the fourth semester's Project work will take you to a center of our institute, chosen based on the location of your assigned project. 📑🌍

✅ Don't miss this incredible opportunity to enhance your career options and broaden your horizons. Enroll now in our Quality Management programme and become a catalyst for quality improvement in various fields! 🚀🎯


🎓 Admission Eligibility:

  • Three-year Bachelor's degree with Mathematics as a subject or

  • BE/B Tech degree in any discipline.

🔍 Selection Procedure:

  • Candidates will be selected based on written tests and subsequent interviews.

  • Written admission tests will include multiple-choice and/or descriptive questions in Mathematics at the undergraduate level.

💼 Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • Government, semi-government, public sector undertakings, autonomous institutions, and commercial/industrial organizations have the provision to sponsor candidates from their establishments.

  • Sponsored candidates must meet the eligibility requirements.

  • The Institute may apply different criteria for sponsored candidates.

  • To be considered sponsored, the employer must provide leave and full salary for the entire program duration.

  • Sponsored candidates do not receive a stipend and their sponsors must pay a tuition fee of Rs. 20,000/- per year.


STUDY MATERIALS ARE PROVIDED free of cost to students who have enrolled in our programs

📚 Our faculty of highly qualified teachers and researchers 🎓🔬 have meticulously curated study materials by combing through numerous books and journals. They have processed all the information to make it easily accessible to students. 📖💡

⏰ The study material is designed with the student in mind, considering their needs and challenges. It allows students to catch up on various topics even if they have missed lectures. 🎯✨

🔍 In addition to comprehensive theory discussions, we provide an extensive collection of problems. 📝🧩 These problems cover a diverse range of difficulty levels, enabling students to apply concepts effectively. Each problem is thoroughly worked out, ensuring that if students get stuck, we've got them covered! 🚀🧠💪

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