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At Sourav Sir’s Classes, one will get a vivid description about various career options, analytical skills, tricks and ways to solve highly competitive examinations easily by SOURAV SIR’S study materials and tuitions both online and offline giving the student an exceptional advantage over other students.

ISI MSQMS has become a very important subject due to its high utility and huge demand in the job markets today. 


At Sourav Sir's Classes, we believe that a healthy environment and the right amount of work helps a student achieve peak performance levels. So we have tried to invoke that spirit through the various facilities available at our tuition study centers for all our programs. These facilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Complete mock tests series

2. Past years entrance questions solutions will also be done.

3. Topic wise analysis will be done.

4. Complete study materials will be provided

5. Special doubt clearing sessions.

6. Every live class will also be recorded so if you miss any session you will get the recording.


1. Specially planned for the 2020 exam

2. Special crash course portal with prerecorded lectures and live sessions on a regular basis on skype

3. Special short PDF for notes and trick-based videos

4. Shortcut special session where topic summarised in an exam friendly way

5. Highly frequent mock test pattern with complete answer key and followed by a full solution 

6. Special extra doubt clearing sessions


1. Complete Mock Tests 

2. You can give the exams from your home using a phone or laptop or pc or a tablet.

3. After every exam complete solutions with marks will be provided to you.

4. Any doubts with any part you are free to ask us via what's app/email/call.

5. All the Mock Tests are Exam oriented.


This is a two-year programme in Quality Management and its applications with a special emphasis on Quantitative Methods. It also includes Dissertation in the third semester and a live Project work in the fourth semester under the direct guidance of the faculty. The programme offers a flexible format for those who want to meet specific educational and career objectives. Students aspiring to undertake this programme will enhance their career options by gaining the contemporary knowledge and perspective required of Quality Analysts, Quality Managers, data science, analytics, quantitative and those who are responsible for one or more aspects of quality improvement.

The first two semesters will be offered at Bengaluru whereas the third semester will be at Hyderabad. The Project work in the fourth semester will be at a centre of the institute depending on the location of the project assigned to the student.


In order to be eligible for admission to this programme, an applicant must have

  • a three-year Bachelor’s degree with Mathematics as a subject, or

  • a BE/ B Tech degree in any discipline.

Selection Procedure: Selection of candidates to this programme, including the sponsored ones, will be based on performance in written tests and subsequent interview. The written admission tests will comprise of multiple-choice and/or descriptive questions in Mathematics at the undergraduate level.

There is a provision for sponsorship by government, semi-government, public sector undertakings, autonomous institutions and commercial/ industrial organizations, which can sponsor candidates from their establishments, provided they satisfy the eligibility requirements. The Institute, at its discretion, may apply a different criterion for such candidates. A candidate would be considered sponsored only if the employer gives him/her leave and full salary for the entire duration of the programme. Sponsored candidates will not receive any stipend and their sponsors will have to pay a tuition fee of Rs.20,000/- per year.


STUDY MATERIALS ARE PROVIDED free of cost to students who have enrolled in our programs

Our faculty of highly qualified teachers and researchers have combed through several books and journals, having collected and processed all the information so that it becomes easily accessible to the student. The study material is prepared in a time tested fashion with the student kept in mind in such a fashion that the student can catch up on the various topics in the event of missed lectures. Besides the theory being extensively discussed, an enormous collection of problems has been added so that the student can learn to apply the concepts over a diverse spectrum of difficulty. All the problems have been worked out thoroughly so that in case the student gets stuck, we've got you covered !

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