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Every penny counts.. present scenario of Indian economic system -- from an Economist's viewpoint

Now you must be thinking, well- this is another economics based boring essay is coming up in my way where a person wants to say that how ugly is the present scenario or booming a political agenda Or it's going down from a perspective of every intellectual viewpoint. 

Well, my intention is not to exaggerate any of the either. Then why on earth Some precious seconds from your very short life You will spend to read this black lines and why on Earth I would post it on this platform. Many of the cases we do not understand that the socio political or economic situations may not affect us directly but it would For example, if I rewind you of a scene from the Dark Knight Rises where there is a big theft being. done on a stock market and the police who was standing outside one of the cops said to other that this is not going to affect us right and the other person said well keep your money and he said I don't keep it in a bank because I keep it in a box inside my home.

stills from The Dark Knight Rises

 So what happens into this system my money is safe and he is sergeant replied him that the money which you kept in your box very safely will have no use if the entire inflationary clock goes higher if you automatically lose its valuation 

So understanding the system of present economic system is one of the prerequisites in order to become economically stable. Whether you are a normal school teacher or a. job seeker, to an established businessman. Now, many of the cases we have gathered in previous years, which volumes for the ideology of Indian economy, which is completely. based on a risk averse structure And many of the cases you may have seen, there are UK- . or US-based companies, or may be European companies are coming here doing a lot of investment and we are happy. But they are using all of our resources and We end up paying them our hard earned money. For example, let's take the case of Uber. Before Uber. the transportation system was cool, but now. in order to go for a 10 kilometer distance, we do not feel that much heartbreak to pay rs.500 plus. So we becoming rich i guess??? Hell no. They only make us believe that that is the standard of living. Now let me give you another example. How much money do you pay for your gymnasium membership for a monthly basis, or taking up private trainer? Well, it is around for me. Fifteen Hundred and 5500. in us. Recently, one of my friends visited and she told me that. a monthly membership at a very good gym is only $15 And when you take a private class from a trainer, it is $75 per hour. 

Now, if you compare it with respect to the present money, exchange system, it will come down to almost Rs 1300 and Rs 6000. So when it comes to standard of living or the basic amenities or the insurance, the road structures or the government system or the health facilities or the standard of medicine we are always being told that the US standard is higher, right? They have all the amenities. They are developed economies But when it comes to the expenditures, all most cases, we pay the same. So are we get sacked in the vicious cycle of poverty? and we are so busy in doing nothing about this that our psychology is so much ready to accept it. The moral compass of our so called leaders are so Useless. that if they find a way out of this scenario, then I would be the person who have taken the maximum amount of surprise And don't worry, that's not going to happen in near future.

Now you can tell me, do you have a solution as an economist for all these useless situations? Can we just get out of it somehow? Is there a magic wand? Or is there a superhero who comes in and saves us from all our miseries? Although in most cases, we do not understand the severity of the upcoming days. How? ominous it is going to be. We will first. You have to understand that you are happy because you do not understand the main situation. Secondly, you. need to stop all. the useless expenditures from all perspective. Because every penny counts. You May. earn one lakh two lakh or maybe 50,000 or 25,000, but with respect to your socio economic standards. previous read was very easy to make a lot of adjustments. But now it is not possible So the standard of living or the amount of expenditure is almost the same for a very rich person as for a poor person. Only the luxuries, the cars, the houses, the locations, and the foreign trips are different, but the rest of the stuff are getting really close to each other.

Ironically, in the human development index, we measure how developed we are by the equality. of income or parallel things, but actually we are ending up with equalized expenditure and with a very inequal income. in order to solve this thing, a new political regime, would have been better. But that again adds up to the crisis whom we elect Is it a person who sells T or is it a percent who is behind the bars for a liquor scandal? Or is it a person? who is only associated with the family hierarchy and does a merry go round of India in order to impress and getting back the glory of ease political background again????

Election isn't a solution here until and unless the population becomes very aware of the situation. So do not take the. news on all these different kind of hidden things very lightly. There may be some person who is doing a 21-day fast and ending up not getting a reply even from the Prime Minister, or there may be a scenario that a local political party in the electoral bond structure becomes a trillionaire structure. So next time when you see this kind of things are happening around you, you need to do your expenditure on things which is really required otherwise. you will not have the money in your future days to successfully fully fulfill your basic daily requirements as well. So does that mean you need to cancel your Netflix subscription or you need to. uninstall Zomato, Swiggy, or Instagram, or rather Uber? 

I wouldn't recommend that, because that's not going to be possible for me. and neither of you. So get a good record. or ready for everyday expenditure and try to reduce all these things. I am not asking you to become miser, but I am asking you to become a person who understands everything. Its not a Gandhi Giri. I am asking you to buy only Indian-made products. But I am asking you to understand the differences of the products. Do the research. Do not just fall into the traps of the so called YouTube or Instagram posts. Well, this requires a little bit of extra burning of your fat and your mental stress as well. But according to a lot of research that nowadays, in order to reduce our stress, we eat and that is why we become fat. That's why we need dialysis. We need diabetes injections and we die like hell. So in order to solve your problems, you need to take the long cut. Now, the shortcut is going to make your life a really short one, whether it comes to a flamboyance with respect to. purchasing power or being happily going and planning your next Europe trip. 

Great days are coming. but you are the person who needs to pull them. They are not going to come to your door and knock and enter directly.

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