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CUET PG Answer Key 2024 Live Updates: Provisional Answer Key OUT at, direct link here

The breakdown of candidates by category sheds light on the diverse representation within the CUET PG 2024 examination. General candidates comprised the largest group, with 2,89,039 individuals, followed by 84,661 SC candidates, 55,974 ST candidates, 2,69,830 OBC candidates, and 68,910 EWS candidates. This distribution underscores the inclusive nature of the examination process, accommodating candidates from various backgrounds.

Taking Action (if the deadline hasn't passed):

  • Access the official CUET PG website and navigate to the answer key and challenge process section. There, you can review the answer key for your specific subject and contest any answer you believe is incorrect. There's usually a fee associated with each challenge.

What if the Deadline Has Passed?

While contesting the answer key might no longer be an option, you can still:

  • Estimate Your Score: Use the answer key to get a rough idea of your performance. This can help manage your expectations for the results.

  • Await Final Answer Key and Results: The final answer key, incorporating any accepted challenges, typically releases in the second week of April. This is followed by the declaration of the official results.


  • Stay updated by checking the official CUET PG website regularly for any announcements or revisions to the schedule.

I hope this expanded information empowers you to navigate the CUET PG answer key situation effectively.



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