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A dream day

Think about a day where everything you thought, went exactly right. The day went exactly according to your plans. Now, in the starting phase you may not understand but as time passes by you start you discover that you have already done many things which you never thought you could. As a result of that it boosts your positive energy and you derive as much as you can from that because you know it may not last forever. So you give your cent percent to grab everything from that day.

While doing so somewhere you mind gets stuck. Now you may wonder how can someone’s mind get stuck in this smooth flow?! It does. After a certain point of time you mind will start telling you hat if I do this tomorrow?” and that’s when you stop the flow. But you forget that Tomorrow Never Comes. And this is the ending of your enthusiasm.

There were many instances in my where the initials time of the day was sunny, in the mid time it was a bit cloudy and the later part was full dark. So this is not any suggestive blog, this blog will take you through my life instances that has surely changed me to where I am today.

Grabbing the same intensity of energy everyday is not possible. Nothing is constant, but you have to keep in mind that you have to make habit constant. Only this will bring regularity in your everyday task. So it is always recommended, whenever you get this boost you get hold of it immediately and keep working till the last hour of the day. Never STOP! What about the days when you won’t get that vibe? You will have to HOPE. Always remember distractions are more than motivations. That’s why it take so long time for a man to tie his shoes and get going. Always remember if you feel like not doing something, then this is the perfect time to start doing that.

There may be times, when your inner self may want to distract you. But you can never let your inner self dominate your desire to work hard. If have to stop conversing with your inner self and continue to work harder to complete your day. And as you have not stopped reading till now all I can say is I have done it for myself and the result is in front of you.



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