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Pre-Placement and Recruitment Training Program 2024

The Training & Placement Department conducts a special Pre-Placement Training program for students entering the seventh semester to empower them for upcoming recruitment drives. The training is conducted for a duration of six days covering various aspects of employability skills.

Thus, the training program empowers & enhances the students, helping them to get through their campus recruitment drives. The training also provides overall personality development and helps students to fulfill their goals.

Basically, training is designed to simulate the real-time scenarios of the industry which gives students hands-on experience for exponential learnings.

The training program is conducted on the below-mentioned topics:
  • Activity-based learning on various modules of the Aptitude Test.

  • Technical training on trending technologies like Big Data, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things & Hadoop for CS students.

  • Sessions on Personality Development, Etiquette, Attitude, Resume Writing, Group Discussion & Personal Interviews.

  • Post Employability Assessments.

  • training of different roles and personality development.

A pre-placement-based training program, often referred to as PPT or placement training, is a structured and intensive training initiative designed to prepare students or job seekers for the recruitment process and job placements.

These programs are commonly conducted by educational institutions, training centers, or companies to enhance the employability of candidates and improve their chances of securing good job opportunities.

Key objectives of a pre-placement training program include:

  1. Resume Building: Guidance on creating an effective and professional resume that highlights the candidate's skills, achievements, and experiences.

  2. Interview Skills: Training in facing interviews confidently, improving communication skills, body language, and addressing common interview questions.

  3. Aptitude and Technical Skills: Sharpening quantitative, analytical, and logical reasoning abilities, as well as technical knowledge, relevant to the job role or industry.

  4. Group Discussions: Conduct practice sessions for group discussions to develop interpersonal skills, problem-solving abilities, and the ability to present ideas effectively.

  5. Personality Development: Focusing on overall personality enhancement, self-confidence, and leadership qualities.

  6. Mock Tests and Assessments: Providing simulated placement tests to familiarize candidates with the test patterns and improve time management skills.

  7. Industry Insights: Offering insights into the specific industries, job roles, and company cultures to help candidates align their career goals.

  8. Networking and Professional Etiquette: Training in building professional networks, understanding corporate etiquette, and maintaining professional relationships.

  9. Emotional Intelligence: Cultivating emotional intelligence to handle stress, manage conflicts, and collaborate efficiently in the workplace.

Pre-placement training programs are valuable for both students and employers. For students, it provides an opportunity to bridge the gap between academic learning and industry requirements, making them more job-ready. For employers, it ensures a pool of candidates who have the necessary skills and attitude to succeed in their organization.

If you are a student or job seeker, participating in a pre-placement training program can be highly beneficial in improving your employability and boosting your chances of landing your desired job. If your educational institution or a nearby training center offers such programs, consider enrolling in one to enhance your skills and confidence in the job market.

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