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ISS 2023 Tips and Special Notes including a detailed course structure for last-minute study

Indian Statistical Services (ISS) Exam Mastery Program

Course Content:


  • Welcome message and course overview

  • Introduction to the Indian Statistical Services (ISS) exam and its significance

  • Discussion on the career opportunities and benefits of cracking the ISS exam

Week 1: Introduction to Indian Statistical Services Exam

  • Overview of the ISS exam structure and stages

  • Understanding the syllabus and marking scheme

  • Study materials and resources for ISS exam preparation

Week 2: Probability and Statistical Inference

  • Introduction to probability theory and its Applications

  • Study of statistical inference and estimation

  • Analysis of probability distributions and their properties

  • Practice exercises and quizzes for probability and statistical inference

Week 3: Statistical Methods and Data Analysis

  • Understanding various statistical methods and their applications

  • Study of data collection techniques and sampling methods

  • Analysis of data analysis techniques, including hypothesis testing

  • Case studies and practice exercises for statistical methods and data analysis

Week 4: Statistical Computing and Programming

  • Introduction to statistical computing software (e.g., R or Python)

  • Study of data manipulation, visualization, and statistical programming

  • Understanding the use of statistical packages for analysis

  • Practice exercises and coding challenges for statistical computing and programming

Week 5: Design of Experiments

  • Overview of experimental design principles

  • Study of different experimental designs and their applications

  • Analysis of variance (ANOVA) and its applications

  • Practice exercises and quizzes for the design of experiments

Week 6: Time Series Analysis and Forecasting

  • Introduction to time series analysis and forecasting

  • Study of time series models and forecasting techniques

  • Analysis of seasonal and non-seasonal time series data

  • Case studies and practice exercises for time series analysis and forecasting

Week 7: Sampling Techniques and Survey Methods

  • Understanding various sampling techniques and their properties

  • Study of survey methods and questionnaire design

  • Analysis of sampling errors and survey data analysis

  • Practice exercises and quizzes for sampling techniques and survey methods

Week 8: Data Visualization and Interpretation

  • Techniques for effective data visualization

  • Understanding the graphical representation of data

  • Interpretation of data visualizations for meaningful insights

  • Practice exercises and data visualization projects

Week 9: Mock Tests and Time Management

  • Importance of mock tests in ISS exam preparation

  • Strategies for effective time management during the exam

  • Analysis of mock test results and identification of strengths and weaknesses

  • Strategies for improving performance based on mock test feedback

Week 10: Revision and Doubt Clearing

  • Comprehensive revision of all ISS exam topics

  • Addressing doubts and clarifying concepts from previous weeks

  • Last-minute tips and strategies for the exam day

  • Final mock tests and practice sessions for thorough preparation

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