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GATE economics 2023 complete solved papers with tips and tricks

GATE stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. GATE exam is undertaken to provide students admission into postgraduate programs and doctoral programs in institutes supported by the Ministry of Education and other government agencies. It is conducted for various streams, including commerce and arts (especially, Economics).

The GATE Economics exam is one of the new papers introduced in 2021. The GATE Exam is conducted by the IISc and seven Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Government of India. A good performance in the GATE examination will provide admission opportunities into these eminent institutions. The paper code for the GATE Economics exam is XH-C1.

GATE Economics is one of the six papers under the Humanities and Social Sciences section of the examination. This exam tests understanding of economic concepts for admission into postgraduate studies and recruitment by public sector companies.

To be eligible for the GATE Exam an applicant must be an Indian national. International candidates belonging to Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Ethiopia and United Arab Emirates (UAE) will be also eligible. Educational eligibility requires a candidate to be currently studying in the 3rd or higher years of any undergraduate or postgraduate degree program OR has already completed any government-approved degree program in Engineering / Technology / Architecture / Science / Commerce / Arts. There is no age bar for candidates applying to the GATE examination.

There is no restriction on the number of attempts for the GATE Examination. Candidates can choose to appear for one or two papers from a prescribed list of combinations. For example, a candidate can choose to appear for Economics (XH-C1) and Mathematics (MA) papers. However, candidates cannot choose two papers from the same section, such as Economics (XH-C1) and English (XH-C2).

GATE Preparation Tips

The purpose of the GATE exam is to check the knowledge and perception of undergraduate students in various core topics of engineering and science. This exam is popular because it is the gateway to the postgraduate program and outstanding jobs. If you are a GATE aspirant and want to enjoy all the benefits of the GATE exam, then here are some tips that can help you in your GATE journey.

  • Prime and The Most Vital Step – Know Your Syllabus: This is a basic and the most essential step that you need to follow. Before proceeding with the exam preparations you need to check the GATE syllabus of your respective disciplines. Learning the syllabus in detail will help you in making a solid preparation plan. Also, you can figure out the topics on which you have to focus more.

  • Know About The Exam Pattern: This is again a very important step. Knowing the exam pattern is a crucial part that can help you later in the examination and also in the preparation. That’s why it is suggested that before making any further plan for studies, just go through your GATE exam pattern first.

  • Make a Solid Study Plan: A well-structured preparation plan intends half of the job to be completed. After analyzing the exam pattern and the syllabus of your core subject, you can proceed with designing the study plan. This study plan will help you in organizing the schedule and topics for you and it will become easier for you to complete the study material.

  • Start The Preparation Early: GATE is an exam that demands consistent and long-term preparation. It is recommended to begin the study for this exam as early as possible because it will provide you enough time to understand the topics and revise regularly. The best time to start preparing for the GATE exam is in your college. You can start in your 2nd year of engineering.

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