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******WRITTEN ACCORDING TO NEW ISI M.STAT ENTRANCE EXAM PATTERN ******ALL SECTIONS ARE THOROUGHLY EXPLAINED WITH AMPLE SHORT AND LONG QUESTIONS WITH THEIR ANSWERS AND EXPLANATIONS AS WELL. ******20 MODEL PAPERS THOROUGHLY SOLVED. ******COMPLETE TOPIC WISE EXPLANATION ACCORDING TO ISI MSTAT ENTRANCE SYLLABUS ******THEORY AND PRACTISE EXAMPLES ARE ALSO INCLUDED SOLUTIONS OF MMA AND PSB BOTH SECTIONS ******TOPICS COVERED ARE ******MMA SECTION ******ALGEBRA ******COORDINATE GEOMETRY ******CALCULUS ******ELEMENTARY DISCRETE PROBABILITY THEORY ******PSB SECTION ******Combinatorics; ******Complex Numbers: Geometry of complex numbers and De Moivres theorem. ******Calculus: Convergence of sequences and series. Functions. Limits and continuity of functions of one or more variables. Power series. Differentiation. ******Leibnitz formula. Applications of differential calculus, maxima and minima. ******Taylor’s theorem. Differentiation of functions of several variables. Indefinite integral. The fundamental theorem of calculus. Riemann integration and properties. Improper integrals. Double and multiple integrals and applications. ******Syllabus for Statistics and Probability ******Probability and Sampling Distributions: Notions of sample space and probability. Combinatorial probability. Conditional probability and independence. Random variables and expectations. Statistics: Descriptive statistical measures. Contingency tables and measures of association. Product moment and other types of correlation. Partial and multiple correlations. Simple and multiple linear regression. ******Statistical Inference: (basic concepts and simple applications of Neyman-Pearson Lemma). ******Confidence intervals. Inference related to regression. ANOVA. Elements of nonparametric inference. ******Design of Experiments and Sample Surveys:


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