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ISI Examination Guidance
ISI BSTAT/BMATH Full guidance with proper explanation

The BStat and BMath Entrance of ISI Entrance is ‘different’ from IIT JEE or other engineering entrances. It tests creativity and ingenuity of the problem solver that requires more than mechanical application of formulae. Many of these problems are inspired from erstwhile Soviet Union math contests and other math olympiads.

The entrance has two sections:

  • Objective section containing 30 problems to be solved in 120 minutes.

  • Subjective section containing 10 problems to be solved in 120 minutes

Curriculum for ISI Entrance

ISI has an official curriculum for this entrance. It can be found in the problem compilation that the institute publishes every year. The topics are similar to high school curriculum but also includes some extra ideas from elementary number theory, geometry and combinatorics. Moreover the so called ‘regular school topics’ are tested in highly unusual way. This is the main challenge of the entrance.




Study tips for ISI BSTAT


Step 1: ISI Admission Test Exam Pattern & Marking Scheme

One should know the ISI Admission Test exam pattern. The duration of the entrance exam, what language will the entrance exam be in, will the entrance exam be in offline mode (pen and paper test) or in online mode (computer-based test). One should know the basics about the entrance exam before the main day so that there is no confusion at the last minute. You should also go through the instructions mentioned on the prospectus to know what the entrance exam will demand and what will the guidelines be.

Step 2: Get the ISI Admission Test Syllabus

One should only prescribe the syllabus according to the course applied for. For undergraduate courses, the best way is to stick to what one has learnt in Class 11 and Class 12. For Mathematics and Statistics, one should know the type of questions that will be asked, the topics which are in the curriculum, such as Probability, Analysis, Programming and Data Structure and much more.

Preparation tips for ISI Students

Step 3: Purchase Prep Books

To help prepare better, one should purchase preparation books to understand the ISI Admission Test syllabus much better. Aspirants should get the prep books according to the course applied for and study the topics accordingly. It is important for one to buy prep books that are recognised and often purchased by others. The best way to know which prep books to get is by seeking advice from college professors or teachers or even coaching centres. Aspirants should buy books that have sample papers you can solve to hone their skills.

Step 4: Solve Sample Papers and Question Papers

The best way to prepare for the ISI Admission Test is by getting a hold of ISI Admission Test sample papers and previous years ISI Admission Test question papers. Aspirants will understand the marking scheme better, know the type of questions which are asked, which part of the syllabus do the questions more focus on and much more. Also, solve the question paper according to the set duration. The faster you finish, the more time you will have to recheck what you have done.

Step 5: Revise

After completing your schedule for the day, take out time to revise what you have learnt. Go through the calculations again, understand what you have studied, read through what you have learnt. By revising, one understands the topics better than what they have studied. Also, do not leave revision to the last date or before the entrance exam, it will only make you more anxious and panicky. Revise while you are studying.

ISI BSTAT/BMATH Examination Structure

There are three sections of Entrance Exam:

a. An MCQ test b. A Subjective Test c. An Interview For Entrance Test, be through in all the maths taught in school at the +2 level. You can find syllabus on ISI Admission site. The exam follows the pattern of most high school mathematics competitions (RMO, INMO etc).

ISI 2023 BSTAT BMATH Full Answers with detailed solved solutions OBJECTIVE UGA 2023 Question 21, 22

ISI 2023 BSTAT BMATH Full Answers with detailed solved solutions OBJECTIVE UGA 2023 Question 22

ISI 2023 BSTAT BMATH Complete solution with detailed answers OBJECTIVE UGA 2023 question- 23

ISI 2023 BSTAT BMATH Complete Solution with detailed techniques OBJECTIVE UGA 2023 question- 24, 25

ISI 2023 BSTAT BMATH complete solution with Tips and Techniques OBJECTIVE UGA 2023 question 26, 27

ISI 2023 BSTAT BMATH Complete solution with Answers OBJECTIVE UGA 2023 Question 27

ISI BSTAT BMATH 2023 complete solution with tips and techniques SUBJECTIVE 2023 question number- 5

ISI BSTAT BMATH 2023 complete solution with tips and techniques SUBJECTIVE 2023 question number- 5

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