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Banking 2023- 24 course structure for competitive exams including detailed solutions

Banking Competitive Exam Mastery Program

Course Content:


  • Welcome message and course overview

  • Introduction to banking competitive exams and their significance

  • Discussion on the career opportunities and benefits in the banking sector

Week 1: Introduction to Banking and Financial Awareness

  • Overview of the banking sector and its functions

  • Understanding financial terms, concepts, and terminologies

  • Analysis of recent developments in the banking industry

  • Study materials and resources for banking and financial awareness

Week 2: General Knowledge and Current Affairs

  • Importance of general knowledge in banking competitive exams

  • Techniques for staying updated on current affairs

  • Analysis of relevant current affairs topics

  • Practice exercises and quizzes for general knowledge and current affairs

Week 3: Quantitative Aptitude and Numerical Ability

  • Review of basic mathematical concepts and formulas

  • Strategies for solving quantitative aptitude questions

  • Techniques for quick calculations and data interpretation

  • Practice exercises and numerical drills for quantitative aptitude

Week 4: Reasoning Ability and Logical Reasoning

  • Understanding the different types of reasoning questions

  • Analytical reasoning and critical thinking techniques

  • Tips for solving puzzles, coding-decoding, and syllogism questions

  • Practice exercises and quizzes for reasoning ability

Week 5: English Language and Comprehension

  • Grammar and vocabulary improvement techniques

  • Reading comprehension strategies

  • Tips for sentence completion, error spotting, and para jumbles

  • Practice exercises and quizzes for English language and comprehension

Week 6: Computer Knowledge and Awareness

  • Overview of computer fundamentals and terminology

  • Understanding computer hardware, software, and operating systems

  • Analysis of Internet and computer security concepts

  • Practice exercises and quizzes for computer knowledge and awareness

Week 7: Banking Products and Services

  • Study of various banking products and services

  • Understanding the basics of banking operations

  • Analysis of financial instruments and services

  • Case studies and practice exercises for banking products and services

Week 8: Mock Tests and Time Management

  • Importance of mock tests in banking exam preparation

  • Strategies for effective time management during the exam

  • Analysis of mock test results and identification of strengths and weaknesses

  • Strategies for improving performance based on mock test feedback

Week 9: Banking Regulations and Laws

  • Introduction to banking regulations and legal frameworks

  • Study of banking acts and policies

  • Understanding the role of regulatory bodies in the banking sector

  • Practice exercises and quizzes for banking regulations and laws

Week 10: Revision and Doubt Clearing

  • Comprehensive revision of all banking exam topics

  • Addressing doubts and clarifying concepts from previous weeks

  • Last-minute tips and strategies for the exam day

  • Final mock tests and practice sessions for thorough preparation

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