Sample Group Discussion Topics for Campus Recruitment

Sample Group Discussion Topics for Campus Recruitment


1. China - A threat to the Indian Software Industry ? 2. Rebranding BPO to BPM – an exercise in futility ? 3. With the increasing use of IT in daily life, machines are controlling man. 4. India - an IT super power ? 5. IT helps social integration 6. Increasing use of computers is de-humanizing society. 7. Future of KPO in India. 8. Junk mails can never be kept out of the mail box: Spammers will always find their way. 9. IT Infrastructure problem: Services Computing is the Solution?


1. Is cricket hampering the growth of other sports in India? 2. How can we make India a sporting super power? 3. Are Indian cricketers over-rated? 4. Indian Football Team qualifying for the World Cup by 2030: Dream or Reality ? 5. Olympics 2016: India can get at least ten medals. 6. English Premier League: More of a business than a sport ? 7. Future of Formula 1 in India


1. Should "Active Euthanasia" be legalized in India? 2. Capital punishment should be abolished. 3. Are we raising a society of burnt out children? 4. Should we have job reservation in the private sector? 5. Is women empowerment a myth? 6. The biggest problem facing India is _________ 7. Brain drain vs brain in the drain. 8. The media should be more socially responsible. 9. Indian Villages – Strengths or Weaknesses ? 10. Democracy – a hindrance to progress ? 11. Interlinking of Rivers in India– More problems than benefits ? 12. Internet Access: Should this be made a fundamental right ? 13. Section 66A of IT Act: Should this have a place in the democracy ? 14. Social Networking: A boon or a bane for the society? 15. More than 30 crore below the poverty line: Can India ever be a super power ?


1. Politics is the root cause of all problems in India. 2. Politics of criminals vs criminalisation of politics. 3. For true democracy to happen, it must first happen within all political parties. 4. Women's reservation in Parliament. 5. Should India have dictatorship? 6. Kasmir Issue: A problem which can never be solved ? 7. FDI in retail: A boon or a bane for the farmers ? 8. Ever increasing political corruption: "Right to recall" is the need of the hour. 9. Cash Transfer Scheme: Will it work ? 10. Global warming: It's too late to do anything ? 11. Nuclear Energy: Is it really required ?


1. Should use of mobile phones be banned on campus? 2. Should college students wear uniforms? 3. Privatisation of professional education: Is it good or bad? 4. Should politics be allowed on campus? 5. We should shift to Open Book Policy for examinations. 6. Our education system should be revamped. 7. Smart Work and not Hard Work is the mantra for success. 8. 25% admission reservation rule under RTE act: Implementation is the key. 9. Education & Social Networking: Challenges & Opportunities.


1. Is honesty the best policy for a citizen of India? 2. Profit is a bad word in business. 3. Ethics and business do not co-exist. 4. Advertising is all glitter and no truth.


1. The Sun always rises in the East. 2. The colour of the cat is not a matter of concern as long as it catches mice. 3. Green is better than red. 4. Life is like a box of chocolates.

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